Physical Education Option Available to Homeschoolers and kids stuck at home doing virtual learning!


For parents who are looking for a unique way to provide physical education for their child's homeschooling/virtual learning program this winter (or anytime), please consider contacting us at Door County Horsemanship.


We are now offering opportunities for homeschooling/virtual learning students to get physical education with horses. Our program is designed for groups of 3-5 students and is a 6 lesson course (With options of continuing after the course is over) and is rain or shine. Duration of each lesson will be 1-1.5 hours long, but will depend on the horse and student needs (we ALWAYS want to end on a high note for horse and students so that we can build confidence!)


Some things students will learn and work on over the course of 6 weeks are: 


physical coordination, balance and stamina during riding and handling horses with emphasis on educational development of full horse knowledge. 


Horsemanship encourages responsibility, patience, respect, self-confidence, and compassion. 


Lessons focus on versatile and practical riding available for a variety of age, skill level, and riding style background of students Variety of disciplines offered: Western, gymkhana games, ranch horse, reining. 


Each class session includes hands on instruction: grooming, tacking, handling, and riding and/or learning to handle the horse on the ground. Other activities include equine care, nutrition, stable management, games on horseback and mind challenges (horse trivia, quizzes, word searches). 


Safety is #1. Students learn in a safe and fun way on gentle, trained horses and ponies and taught by an instructor with 20+ years of experience in the equine industry showing and training horses.


Approved helmets and footwear required (helmets may be provided by facility if I have enough available). Safety checks made before every ride. 


Small group size- maximum of 5 students - allows individual attention. Available to students ages 7-18 Comfortable and friendly facility. 


Contact other homeschooling families and get your group set up today. Will offer a multi-family member discount. Flexible scheduling and easy to work with!




Prices: $190 Per student/per 6 week course

Multi-family member discount: $170 per student/per 6 week course.