Meet our horses!


Name: Nashvegas

Barn/call name: Vegas

Age: 13/14

Gender: Mare

Breed: Paint

Color: Sooty buckskin/white Tobiano

Favorite pastime: Napping, eating.

Favorite Treat: Peppermints.

Profession: Show horse, Western Pleasure, reining, cowhorse, gymkhana and most importantly lesson horse.

Rider level: Advanced beginner is preferred as she has a lot of ‘buttons’ that can be pushed on accident if rider is not guided properly.

Attitude: Super chill, laid back and easy going mare, loves to be cuddled and hugged. Enjoys getting treats and hanging in her stall. She will usually fall asleep when she’s being brushed and saddled. Kids love her as she allows them to crawl all over her, hug her face and legs and she just does not care.When encouraged Vegas will move out faster, but would prefer to do a turtle walk maybe a slow jog if you convince her. She will “Smile” for cookies and nuzzle you until they fall out of your pockets.


Name: Eagles Thunder

Barn/Call Name: Kotta

Age: 25

Gender: Mare

Breed: Registered Paint horse

Color: Chestnut and white tobiano (with 2 blue eyes)

Favorite pastime: Hanging with her buddies.

Favorite Treat: My Grain.

Profession: Retired show horse - lesson horse for small children.

Rider Level: Beginner. Kotta is mainly used for tiny tots and small nervous kids. She really enjoys lessons and will take care of her riders. She prefers kids over adults. 

Attitude: Very calm and laid back under saddle. She is as near to bombproof as one can get. Not much can scare this horse. She is a great horse to build someones confidence with. She really enjoys lessons and she is very social when it comes to other horses being around. Kotta is used for beginner children, tiny tots and kids with disabilities.


Name: Ruby

Barn/Call Name: Ruby

Age: 15

Gender: Mare.

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Sorrel

Favorite pastime: Napping or eating

Profession: Lesson Horse.

Favorite Treat: FOOD. I'll eat anything!

Rider Level: Beginner

Attitude: Extremely lazy, Ruby enjoys slow walks around the arena and long naps. She needs a confident rider that will make her work, otherwise Ruby aint moving. She can be stubborn, she is a big sweet heart and loves children. Nice and calm, she'd a good beginners horse!


Name: Amber

Barn/Call Name: Amber

Age: 17

Gender: Mare.

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: palomino

Favorite pastime: Getting attention by her 'kids'

Profession: Lesson Horse.

Favorite Treat: apple flavored treats

Rider Level: Beginner

Attitude: Amber is the absolute perfect beginner horse. She's a great confidence boost for those who are shy riders and scared. Amber is very calm, and patient. She absolutely loves attention and children. She is a great beginners horse! She handles manly the walk trot rides!


Name: Stanley

Barn/call name: Stan, Stan Stan, Stan the big fat man

Age: 17

Gender: Gelding

Breed:Paint Horse

Color: Brown and White Tobiano

Favorite Pastime: eating at the round bale

Favorite Treat: Apples.

Profession: Lesson Horse

Rider Level: Beginner

Attitude: Laid back and chill. Would rather sleep than walk, trotting is a chore to Stanley and he makes his students work for it! He is a big goofball and may not be the sharpest tool in the shed ;) He is a good boy and enjoys his job, as long as he gets a cookie or two at the end!


Name: TFF Justa Dandy Tempo

Barn/Call Name: Tempo

Age: April 10th, 2020

Gender: Mare

Breed: Registered Paint horse

Color: Black and White Tobiano

Favorite pastime: Hanging with her buddies and running in the arena

Profession: Nothing, I'm a baby! But I'll be a show horse one day!

Rider Level: No one rides me!

Attitude: Surprisingly calm for a young horse, she is laid back and easy going. She has some spunk and loves to play! She is extremely friendly and affectionate, loves attention!


Name: Dante

Barn/Call Name: Dante

Age: 17/18.

Gender: Mare.

Breed: Paint and Arabian Cross.

Color: Bay Tobiano.

Favorite pastime: Gossiping at the Round Bale

Profession: Lesson Horse, though I always wanted to be a rodeo bronc.

Favorite Treat: Mountain Dew.

Rider Level: Advanced Beginner+

Attitude: She's sweet and sour, fire and ice. Dante is a great horse for confident advanced beginners to ride and work with. Dante has a great work ethic and loves to move. She has a job to do and she'd like to get it done, she is a no funny business personality type horse. She is mischievous  and playful. She is sensiive and HATES being nagged to do something. She has the smoothest canter EVER. She is quick footed and a fun little horse to ride. 


Name: Clyde

Barn/Call Name: Clyde

Age: 14

Gender: Gelding.

Breed: Welsh Pony Cross.

Color: Palomino

Favorite pastime: Being in charge in the pasture!

Profession: Lesson Horse ex show pony

Favorite Treat: Healthy treats!

Rider Level: Beginner+

Attitude: Clyde is super sweet and kind! He can be playful out at times and can be a bit of a scaredy cat, but he always tries hard and takes care of even the littlest of riders! Clyde became everyone's favorite in 2021!