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Come Ride with Us!

Guest Rides Prices and information:


Contact Hana at: (920) 495-3517

or email: to set up your time!

When booking online: Please mark HOW MANY people are in your reservation along with ages so we can prepare accordingly. When you sign up, you are agreeing to a last minute cancelation fee for anything canceled LESS THAN 24 Hour notice. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you WILL be charged for the missed appointment. A credit card will be held on file at time of booking.


20 Minute Arena Ride Lesson

Learn to walk and steer (people over the age of 8) in our large outdoor arena or be led around (People under the age of 7) This is a walk ride only. You'll learn the basics of walking, stopping, steering all throughout a small obstacle course.

This is suitable for anyone ages 3+

Cost: $35 per person.


1 hour Lesson Experience

learn how to brush and safely be around the horse on the ground, help us saddle and learn how to lead your horse to the arena where you'll learn the basics of riding and how to safely turn, stop and walk!

This is suitable for anyone ages 6+

Cost: $60 per person


45 MinuteTrail Ride Lesson

We'll start by teaching you how to steer and stop along with some safety guidelines before we hit our small wooded trail to work on these skills and hay fields! Walk Ride only.

This ride is anywhere between 45 minute to 1 hour long. Please plan accordingly.

This ride is suitable for anyone ages 8+


Cost: $50 per person

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